Unveiling the World of NFT Glasses: Understanding Vivi NFT Rarity and Functionality

2 min readFeb 7



NFT, or non-fungible tokens, are digital certificates stored on a blockchain that guarantee the originality of an item and give exclusive rights to its owner. The Vivi application features NFT glasses, or NFT-glasses, which are virtual glasses that vary in appearance and rarity. These glasses are used to receive tokens and boxes while viewing the feed on the app.

Token Types

The Vivi application uses two tokens: $VIVI and $VRV. The $VIVI token is used to increase the level of NFT-glasses and is required for their creation. In the future, it will also be used to vote for new feature introductions in the app. The $VRV token is used for all accruals in the application and is automatically credited to the user’s wallet while viewing the feed. The accrual rate of this token is algorithmically dependent on the number of tokens mined, making it more difficult to receive new tokens as the number of mined tokens increases.


Attention is a renewable resource required to receive tokens when viewing the feed with NFT-glasses. One Attention is equal to 15 minutes of rewarded feed viewing.

NFT-Glasses Rarity

There are six types of NFT-glasses rarity: Starting, Simple, Rare, Unique, Epic, and Legendary. The rarity of NFT-glasses determines the starting values of the modules, the number of points received for each level up, the range for increasing the value of the modules when distributing points, and the amount of additional Attention.

Modules and Gems

NFT-glasses have five modules: Lenses, Radar, Battery, Frame, and Memory. Each module has a digital value that can be increased using points. The modules also have slots for inserting gems, which are NFTs that increase the value of a specific module. There are five types of gems: Diamond, Antenna, Graphene, SD-card, and Kevlar.

Minting NFT-Glasses

Minting NFT-glasses is the process of creating a new NFT by combining two pairs of NFT-glasses and a special NFT called the Mint Instruction. The fee for this process is paid in $VRV and $VIVI tokens.


In conclusion, NFT-glasses in the Vivi application offer a unique and interactive experience through the use of non-fungible tokens. These virtual glasses offer various levels of rarity and can be customized through the installation of gems into their modules. The Vivi app uses two tokens and the concept of Attention to reward users for viewing the feed and increasing the level of their NFT-glasses.




Vivi is a decentralized short video viewing/creating platform where users are rewarded for watching the feed, creating content and promoting it.